Hastings Attorneys

Regardless of your situation, divorce and separation can be frustrating and painful for you, your spouse and your children. The experienced and compassionate Hastings divorce attorneys at Tanis Schultz will assist you through this difficult process.

A Tanis Schultz Hastings divorce attorney will make every effort to help you smoothly navigate this overwhelming process, by providing you with the knowledge and experience necessary to make informed and wise decisions throughout your case. We have successfully handled Hastings divorce cases and are ready to help you achieve a positive outcome.

At the law firm of Tanis Schultz — proudly serving greater Hastings and West Michigan — our family law attorneys and divorce attorneys have compassionately handled hundreds of cases. Our Hastings Divorce attorney‘s intellectual expertise will arm you with the knowledge and confidence you need to move forward with your life — and to help guide you through the legal process. Our divorce attorneys in Hastings recognize that divorce is about the change that you, your spouse, and your children will experience, and as such there are often many questions due to the uncertainty of your future.

Our experienced Hastings divorce attorneys will help you answer the important questions: Will I be able to support myself? Where will the children live? How will our debt be paid? How will we divide our assets? In Hastings, our divorce and family law attorneys understand the maze of questions that you have and will help guide you through that maze by providing you with answers to those questions. We understand that the outcome of your divorce will affect the quality of life for you and your family.

If you are struggling with a divorce or separation and want to know more about your options, contact a Hastings divorce attorney from Tanis Schultz today, or call our office directly at 616.608.7149.